Where’s Willetta?

Well, Willetta is still in Michigan, Dearborn to be exact, toughing out the recession amidst empty auto factories and growing insurrections. “But hey, that means I have more time to read”. She’s still pugging away on her mysterious activities and happy as she can be given the state of things in our Brave New World.

This is the site of her new venture, Willetta Recommends. She will be continuing to review and recommend mysteries, authors, and many other items as well. A not well-known fact about Willetta is that she is a killer gift shopper. For years she has done the holiday and birthday shopping for her family (large) and for her zillions of friends and foes (even larger). Every conceivable event, personal or global, means a gift or card from Willetta — always high quality, always appropriate, and always fun.

The Willetta Library

This will also be the site of the Willetta archives. Unbeknownst to those of us who are not named Willetta, there is more than one. Dozens, actually. And Willetta has ferreted out many. There are also streets and buildings named Willetta. So stay tuned.

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  1. Robin Webb says:

    So excited to see you “back”!!!! What’s the latest on the guidebooks? Are you doing anymore? They have been a wonderful addition to adding to my reading lists! The last I have are Detecting Women #3 & Detecting Men.

    Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to your recommendations, friend!!


  2. Geraldine Galentree says:

    Miss you, Willetta. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  3. Joan Hollingsworth says:

    You go, girl!!! Wishing you the best in “Willetta Recommends.”

  4. Willetta Carpenter says:

    I am very intrested in others named Willetta. I have lots of people ask how I got this name. My Mother told me that at 9 years old she read a book about an indain Family an a child named Willetta. Said right then and there that when she grew up and had a baby girl she would name her Willetta. So in 1944 I was born. I love having such a different name.

  5. Dianne Thueson says:

    Has there been a more recent version of Detecting Women 2?
    I would love a new one! D.

  6. Jo Bayne says:

    Dear Willetta: We met at the former “Mystery Books” in Bryn Mawr, PA, many years ago. I just miss your mystery guides so much, and treasure the ones I have. I can’t get a hold of a copy of the one on police procedurals.
    I just hope you are well, and also your work is acutely missed. Any chance of another edition of “DW”?
    Best wishes

  7. Pat Gordon says:

    Please connect me to Willetta Recommends.

  8. Karol Benner says:

    Please write an updated Detecting Women- my friends and I will buy it immediately. Thanks, Karol

  9. Joy McMillan says:

    Do you accept submissions?

  10. Willetta Love Mulhorn, Ed.D. says:

    I was born in western PA on 12/15/1937. I graduated from East Hunting High School in 1955 and continued my education through Temple University, PA.’ where I earned my Doctorate.
    My parents were sure I was going to be a boy.. I was not. No girl name was ready so my understanding of how I got my name was through the doctor, who simply said “call her Willetta”; which was my my mother’s name. That name was manufactured for her from an Uncle Will and an Aunt ET.
    I have been happily married to the same man for 52 years. By-the-way, my husband;s name is (Royal) I am retired now but wouldn’t change one iota of my life.

  11. Bob Taylor says:

    Please write updated versions of Detecting Men and Detecting Women. My copies have some many write ins that there is no more space. It would also be great if you could also include the famous mystyery writers that are no longer alive. Thank you! Your books have been invaluable.

  12. deborah silver says:


    I think I’ve uncovered what I’m looking for.

    Above, a man asked if you were still publishing your guidebooks to Detecting Women
    (1/2 author list and 1/2 pad to jot notes on.)

    Saw one for the first time, LOVED it!

    Even if you have an OUTDATED one, could it be sent to me?
    If you, please contact me.

    Thanks so much!!!


  13. Cheri Najor says:

    Wondering, “Where’s Willetta?” so I can wish her a Happy Birthday! I hope to hear from you soon my friend. It’s been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long 🙂

  14. Geraldine Galentree says:


    Hey Willetta,
    Do you know about THIS Willetta?
    Hope all is well with you. Sure miss the mystery world!
    Hugs from your old pal,

  15. Maureen H Williams says:

    I have your three editions of Detecting women plus Detecting men. Every week before I go the library branches I check for writers and titles to reread now that I am a retiree. I hope to get a copy of each of your other checklists.

  16. K. Benner says:

    Your Detecting Women guides have not only helped me remember what I’ve read so as not to duplicate but also introduced me to new authors. I have written in my guides to death with notes and added newer titles. PLEASE write an updated one asap!!!!
    Thanks so much!

  17. Hosting says:

    magazine in 1956, and Willetta Bar-Illan wrote a short Item of Interest feature on the new food for

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